FAQ: Verification and documentation requirements

Why must I verify my name and civil registration number? 

All gambling operators with a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority are obligated to know you well as a customer. This is why they must ask you to confirm or verify your name and your civil registration number. 

In most cases, it will take place when you create an account when you use a digital ID such as NemID or MitID. 

Some gambling operators offer a temporary account. With this type of account, you can gamble for up to 30 days and deposit no more than DKK 10,000 without being verified. However, you cannot withdraw money from a temporary account before you have completed the verification process. You should therefore make sure that you have sufficient documentation before you begin to gamble. 

There can be circumstances when a gambling operator can/must request information from you at a later time during the customer relationship to comply with legal obligations. This may be to comply with obligations under the AML Act. You can read more about gambling operators’ AML obligations here

Why must I send documentation? 

There can be several reasons for gambling operators requesting documentation from you for example: 

  • To confirm your identity
  • To check that you are old enough to gamble
  • To check of you have excluded yourself from gambling
  • To comply with AML obligations
  • To comply with responsible gambling obligations

How does the verification process work?

The gambling operators will request specific documents to confirm your identity. Many operators will have a function on their website where you can upload the documentation. Other gambling operators will ask you to send the documentation via e-mail.

Is it safe to send documentation to the gambling operator?

Some players do not feel safe complying with the gambling operators’ requirements and fear that their data can be abused. However, gambling operators can only collect data as part of their offer of gambling activities. Gambling operators with a licence in Denmark are supervised by the Danish Gambling Authority. In addition, the gambling operators are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Danish Data Protection Act, and the Data Protection Agency supervises that the rules on data protection are complied with. 

Which documents can the gambling operator require?

It is neither specified in the Gambling Act nor in the AML Act which types of documents or how much documentation a gambling operator can request to know you as a customer. This depends on an assessment of the customer relationship. A gambling operator has a high level of freedom of choice to ensure that their knowledge of you is sufficient. The gambling operator must be able to prove their knowledge of you to the Danish Gambling Authority. 

The gambling operators can for example request photos of your passport, driving licence, health insurance card and debit card. This type of documentation is a reliable and secure way of confirming your identity and ensure that you pay for your gambling activities with your own funds. 

Why does the gambling operator ask about my financial situation?

A gambling operator must regularly ensure and if necessary, update their knowledge of you, both concerning transactions and gambling patterns. The gambling operators must be able to give the Danish Gambling Authority an account of the origin of your funds. This means that if your gambling pattern changes, or if you gamble large amounts of money, you can be asked to send information that accounts for your income or assets. The gambling operator can, for example, ask you to send payslips from your employer and/or statements of account from your bank. 

How long does the verification process take?

It may vary how long it takes for the gambling operator to review your documentation. 

If a gambling operator can confirm your identity electronically (via NemID/MitID), the process can be completed quickly. If you are asked to send documents, the process may take longer time. 

It may be a good idea to check that the documents are easily legible and that the gambling operator’s requirements for the documentation are met. 

How do I complain about a gambling operator?

If you consider complaining about a gambling operator, you can read more about your options here.

Did you not find an answer?

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