If you wish to file a complaint about a game, you have participated in

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for ensuring a well-regulated gambling market in Denmark. Therefore, we are always interested in hearing if problems with a gambling operator arise.

Some enquiries may cause the Danish Gambling Authority to examine the conditions closer and possibly ask the gambling operator to change its practice if we find it necessary. 

The Danish Gambling Authority cannot settle disputes between you and a gambling operator. 

If you wish to file a complaint to a gambling operator 

If you wish to file a complaint to a gambling operator, you shall send your complaint to the gambling operator, which is obligated to deal with complaints from players. The complaint must include information about your identity as well as a reason for your complaint. If these terms are not met, the gambling operator may dismiss the complaint. The gambling operator must deal with the complaint as soon as possible. If the complaint has not been settled within 14 days, the gambling operator must inform you of when the complaint is expected to be settled. 

It is also possible to file a complaint to Center for Klageløsning regarding the purchase of a service. You will find the requirements for filing a complaint on Forbrugerklagenævnet’s website forbrug.dk.

Visit forbrug.dk's website

Read more under Guideline for complaints for players

If you wish to file a complaint against advertising and marketing of gambling products

Advertising of gambling is regulated both in the Act on Gambling and in the the Danish Marketing Practices Act. 

The Danish Gambling Authority would like to hear from you if you find problems in a gambling operator’s marketing. If we proceed with the enquiry, we are not at liberty to keep you informed of the process, as the Danish Gambling Authority cannot comment on specific cases. 

You can read more about the regulations on marketing of gambling in the Act on Gambling.

Consolidation Act No. 1303
Of 04 Sep 2020

The Danish Act on Gambling

Only available in Danish

Marketing of gambling is regulated by the Danish Marketing Practices Act that is supervised by the Consumer Ombudsman. You can file a complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman about:

  • Advertising on television, online or in print 
  • Information on the operators’ websites or in shops
  • Communication between seller and consumer during a purchase

File a complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman

Gambling operators without a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority

To legally provide gambling for the Danish market, gambling operators must hold a licence. The Danish Gambling Authority issues licences for the supply of gambling. 
See the list of licence holders 

You can also look for the Danish Gambling Authority’s label, which shows that the gambling operator is licenced by the Danish Gambling Authority. 

We welcome information about gambling operators that do not have a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority, but nevertheless target the Danish market with their supply of gambling. An operator targets the Danish Market if: 

  • The website is in Danish
  • Danish currency is an option
  • The website has Danish customer support
  • The consumer can choose payment methods, that normally only work in Denmark (i.e. Dankort)
  • The provider of the website targets Denmark with its marketing

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The Danish Gambling Authority cannot anonymise complaints, if the plaintiff has enclosed information that makes him or her identifiable, i.e. name. 
The Danish Gambling Authority must record and journalise all information that the Danish Gambling Authority becomes aware of in connection with a complaint. A plaintiff who encloses his or her name cannot subsequently request anonymity.

If someone requests access to records in your case, the Danish Gambling Authority will deal with the request in accordance with the Public Administration Act, the law regarding access to legal documents, and the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, others might have access to some of the information in your case.