Collaborations with other authorities

The Danish Gambling Authority collaborates with several Danish authorities. The collaborations contribute to ensure the Danish Gambling Authority’s efficient administration. 

The Danish Ministry of Taxation 

The Danish Gambling Authority collaborates closely with the Danish Ministry of Taxation in several areas. The Danish Tax Agency collects taxes and duties in the gambling area. Gambling operators must therefore register with the Danish Tax Agency in order to pay gambling duties.

Read more about registration on the Danish Ministry of Taxation's website

Players must pay an income tax on some of the winnings and prizes won by gambling. The Danish Tax Agency administrates and collects taxes on winnings and prizes. Keep in mind that special rules apply to the poker area. 

Read more about taxation of games on the Danish Tax Agency's website

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Danish Tax Agency on tel. +45 72 22 28 28. 

The Consumer Ombudsman

Besides the Danish Gambling Act, marketing of gambling is also regulated by the Danish Marketing Practices Act, which is supervised by the Consumer Ombudsman. Therefore, the Danish Gambling Authority collaborates with the Consumer Ombudsman in order to ensure that the gambling operators in the Danish market comply with the rules on marketing. 

Read more about the collaboration and the rules on marketing in Information 7.


In the area of combat of match-fixing, the Danish Gambling Authority as well as the department of the Danish Ministry of Taxation and the Ministry of Justice is represented in a working group appointed by the government under the Ministry of Culture. 

Among other things, the Danish Gambling Authority participates in “the national platform” (a collaboration between authorities) anchored in Anti Doping Danmark (ADD), which fall under the Ministry of Culture. Besides the Danish Gambling Authority, the police and National Unit for Special Crime (NSK) participate. In connection to the national platform, a collaboration forum is established, in which ADD, the Danish Gambling Authority, the police, NSK, Danish Online Gambling Association (DOGA) Danske Licens Spil A/S, Dansk Boldspils-Union (DBU), and Danmarks Idrætsforbund (DIF) participate. 

Money laundering 

In connection with the combat and prevention of money laundering of profit and financing of terrorism in the gambling area, the Danish Gambling Authority collaborates with the Financial Supervisory Authority. Moreover, the Danish Gambling Authority collaborates with the police on cases about violations of the Danish Act on Gambling. 

Participation in working groups and FATF visit

Denmark including Greenland and the Faroe Islands are members of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which is an international collaboration on the combat of money laundering, terrorist financing, and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. A part of FATF’s task is to recommend to the member states what their national legislation should cover and to give propositions to plans of action.  Another part of FATF’s mission is to continuously evaluate how the member states follow these recommendations. 

HvidvaskForum “Forum for Money Laundering”

The Danish Gambling Authority participates in HvidvaskForum, which is responsible for coordinating Denmark’s effort in the money laundering area. All participants meet three times a year and additionally meet as needed. HvidvaskForum consists of the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Danish Business Authority, NSK, PET (with observatory status), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Ministry of Taxation, the Danish Tax Agency, and the Danish Gambling Authority.