Publications about the gambling market

Here, you will find different publications and reports that all relate to the Danish gambling market. 

Study on gambling and compulsive gambling in Denmark 2021

Study conducted by Rambøll Management Consulting for the Danish Gambling Authority. 
The study is conducted based on a political agreement on strengthening the combat of compulsive gambling in Denmark. 
Read the entire report, annexes and a summary (an unofficial translation of the summary is available in English).

Survey of the prevalance of gambling and gambling problems in Denmark 2021

Survey of the prevalence of gambling and gambling problems in Denmark conducted by Ramboll in 2021. The report also includes a survey of the link between video gaming and gambling and the impact of ads and commercials on players. 
(73 pages)

Gambling problems in Denmark 2021 - summary

Summary of the conclusions from the survey of the Danes gambling 2021. (15 pages)

Bilag: Prævalensundersøgelse af pengespil og ludomani i Danmark 2021

Samling af bilag til undersøgelse om danskernes pengespil 2021. (Metode, spilbeskrivelser, spørgeskema, spørgeguide, reklamers effekt, supplerende figurer og tabeller)
(56 sider)

Report on video gaming and gambling 2021

Research project on video gaming and gambling among children and young people in Denmark (November 2021)

An abstract with the primary conclusions of a research project by the Danish Center for Social Science (VIVE) for The Danish Gambling Authority

SFI’s reports on compulsive gambling in Denmark

Read more about SFI's reports

International declarations

Pan-European fight against illegal gambling

In March 2023, GREF (Gaming Regulators European Forum), which consists of 36 European countries and jurisdictions, issued a statement saying that it will cooperate actively to combat illegal gambling across Europe.

Read the declaration on GREF's website


Declaration about the blurred lines in gaming and gambling

At GREF’s annual meeting in 2018, gambling regulators from 17 primarily European countries discussed a declaration, of which Denmark is now co-signer. Below you will find the declaration. 

Declaration of gambling regulators

On their concerns related to the blurring of lines between gambling and gaming

Spillemyndigheders hensigtserklæring

Om deres bekymringer vedr. de uklare linjer mellem gambling og gaming (dansk oversættelse u. underskrifter)

Code of conduct prepared by the gambling industry

With the Agreement on new initiatives against compulsive gambling and adjustments to the gambling agreement (29 June 2018), it was decided that the gambling industry must discuss a code of conduct to increase consumer protection and contribute to preventing gambling from becoming an addiction. 

Together, parties from the gambling industry have  prepared the Code of  conduct for the gambling industry that came into force on the 1st of July 2019. 

Read the Code of Conduct of the Danish Online Gambling Association's (DOGA) website