Suspect illegal gambling?

The Danish Gambling Authority supervises that gambling in Denmark is conducted fairly and responsibly, i.e., we make sure that the gambling operators comply with the requirements set out in the gambling legislation. 

Suspect a gambling operator is breaking the law?

Among other things, the Danish Gambling Authority conducts supervision based on requests we receive from individuals. Therefore, we are happy to receive reports of potential violations of the gambling legislation.

You can send reports to us via our contact form. Select the "Report illegal gambling" category.

Please note that when you notify the Danish Gambling Authority of potential violations of the legislation, you will generally not be informed if we choose to proceed with your report.

If the Danish Gambling Authority receives a request that is outside the authority's area of responsibility, the Danish Gambling Authority will try to provide guidance on who the enquiry should be directed to instead.

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Have you discovered an unlicensed game?

A game is illegal if the operator offering the game does not have a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority and they direct their gambling offer towards Denmark. It is also illegal to advertise for gambling operators without a licence in Denmark.

If you find examples of unlicensed gambling operators or someone advertising unlicensed gambling operators, you can report this to the Danish Gambling Authority via our contact form. Please also select the category "Report illegal gambling and marketing" It will be very helpful if your report includes the domain name/name of the media/address of the venue, the date of the advertisement and if you attach documentation of the illegal offer/advertising.

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Why should you choose legal websites?

If you gamble with a gambling operator licensed in Denmark, the games must be offered in a fair, responsible and transparent manner and in accordance with Danish law. 

At the same time, when you gamble with a gambling operator with a Danish license, you are assured that taxes have already been paid on any winnings.

What happens to the report?

One of the Danish Gambling Authority's most important tasks is to protect the legal gambling market, i.e., the gambling operators who have been granted a licence. We are therefore always interested to hear if a gambling operator advertises or offers games without a licence.

The report is part of our general supervision of the gambling market, where we can investigate whether a gambling operator has advertised or offered games without a licence.

Gambling operators who provide gambling without a licence will receive a recommendation from the Danish Gambling Authority to cease the illegal provision of gambling. Ultimately, we could go to court to block the website in question and/or report the provider to the police.

Media that advertise games or gambling operators without a licence will be contacted by us in an attempt to stop the illegal advertising. If the media does not stop the illegal advertising, the media can be reported to the police.

Report on illegal online gambling

Once a year, the Danish Gambling Authority publishes a report on illegal online gambling about our work in this area.

Read the report on illegal gambling

Pyramid schemes

It is illegal to offer pyramid schemes in Denmark. The characteristics of pyramid schemes are that:

  • Participation requires the contribution of money or other economic values
  • Participants are offered the prospect of financial gain, and
  • The financial gain comes mainly from the efforts of participants who gradually join the scheme.

Pyramid schemes are "pyramidal in structure". This means that the basis for the financial earnings of the initiator and participants in the pyramid scheme is created by at least some of the participants in the "pyramid" recruiting more than one new participant and thus growing the pyramid. 

The financial gain/profit must come mainly from stakes paid by new entrants to the game for it to be considered a pyramid scheme. Thus, the earnings in a pyramid scheme will not primarily come from a real turnover of goods or services. An arrangement can be pyramidal without violating the prohibition against pyramid schemes if it is a genuine sales organisation. Such organisations are often referred to as "Multi Level Marketing" or "Network Marketing".

The line between the basically legal Multi Level/Network Marketing cases and the illegal pyramid schemes will typically be up to a very specific assessment. 

The law applies equally to everyone, both individuals and companies. Only the person or company offering the pyramid scheme can be directly punished under the rules of the Gambling Act. However, "offering" pyramid schemes means both starting the pyramid scheme itself and continuing it by recruiting new members to the game. This applies regardless of whether the new members accept the invitation.

Suspicion of match fixing?

If you suspect that match fixing is taking place in connection with a bet, you can contact the Danish Gambling Authority via our contact form.

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