Gambling in Greenland

In Greenland, the supervision of gambling is divided between several authorities.

The Danish Gambling Authority supervises the supply of:

  • Online casino
  • Land-based betting
  • Online betting
  • Lottery

Please notice that the liberalisation of online bingo and betting on horse, dog, and pigeon racing does not apply to Greenland.

The police in Greenland issues licences to and supervises gaming machines and charity lotteries. 

Laws and Executive Orders

See historical versions of the legislation

Notice: There may have been made later changes to the acts/executive orders. Please confer with the Danish legal text in order to ensure that you have the latest version of the acts. You are always welcome to contact the Danish Gambling Authority in case of doubt.

The English versions of the acts and executive orders are unofficial translations. In case of any discrepancy between the original Danish text and the English translations of the acts and executive orders, the Danish text shall prevail.

Executive Order no. 336
Of 07 Apr 2016

On law on certain games in Greenland

This law exclusively applies to certain games in Greenland

Only available in Danish

Decree no. 812
Of 16 Aug 2019

On the entry into force of the Act on preventive measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism (the Anti-Money Laundring Act) for Greenland 

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1121
Of 01 Dec 2011

On the Danish Gambling Authority

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1262
Of 29 Nov 2019

On payment of fees to the Danish Gambling Authority

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1274
Of 29 Nov 2019

On online casino

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1275
Of 29 Nov 2019

On land-based betting

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1276
Of 29 Nov 2019

On online betting

Only available in Danish

Language requirements regarding information in Grenlandic

Licence holders providing gambling activities in Greenland must ensure that certain information is available to players in Greenlandic.

It follows from the requirement that all information, which the operator is obliged to make available in Danish, must also be made available in Greenlandic. However, the Danish Gambling Authority has at the moment decided to make an exemption, thus only information of lasting character (unlike information that changes continuously) must be made available in Greenlandic.

Read more about the language requirements in Newsletter no. 15.


If you are a manager of a shop selling gambling products from the monopolies, you must be approved by the Danish Gambling Authority. You apply for an approval as a manager by using form no. 8-01 GRL. Read more about the monopolies under Lottery - monopolies. 

Form 8-01 GRL

Aqutsisutut aamma sulisutut qinnuteqarfissaq

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If you wish to apply for a revenue-restriced licence to online casino or betting, you must use the same forms as are used to apply for a licence to supply gambling in Denmark. You can more about the application process and find the relevant forms under each gambling category in the menu. 

Please notice that the gambling operator is required to reside in or be established in Greenland to obtain a revenue-resticted licence. 

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Licence to provide gambling in Greenland

You will find Danske Lotteri Spil A/S's licence below. 

Licence to provide lottery and betting on horse and dog racing

For Danske Lotteri Spil A/S in Greenland