Advertising of gambling products is the licencees channel to the players and included in the gambling legislation are special rules for marketing in the gambling area. Therefore, it is important to the Danish Gambling Authority to have a good dialogue with the Consumer Ombudsman, who supervises business owners’ marketing in regard to the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

Since the liberalisation in 2012, the Danish Gambling Authority has learned that the marketing area demands constant attention. One of our focuses within marketing is to ensure that the licence holders’ marketing of bonuses is carried out in a clear and transparent manner.
We want to ensure that the licence holders in their day-to-day operations focus on complying with the purpose of the law in regards to their marketing, which entails that gambling is provided in a fair, responsible, and transparent manner. Consequently, we require documentation of the licence holders’ procedures for ensuring that they act in compliance with the gambling legislation on marketing. 

No thank you to marketing

When a person registers in ROFUS (The Danish Gambling Authority's self exclusion register) they automatically sign up to a "No thank you to marketing" arrangement. This prevents the player from receiving advertising from online gambling operators with a license from the Danish Gambling Authority for the duration of his or her registration period.