Gaming machines

You can obtain a licence to install and operate gaming machines in:

  • Restaurants with an alcohol licence (maximum 3 gaming machines) NB: If a restaurant changes its manager or restaurant manager and thus has a new alcohol licence, the licence holder must submit a new application (form no. 6-01) for licence to install and run gaming machines for restaurants as well as a copy of the valid licence to sell alcohol
  • Gambling arcades (premises without an alcohol licence, but where the premises are constantly manned during opening hours) 

How to obtain a licence

You can apply to the Danish Gambling Authority for a licence by using application form no. 6-01 . 

To obtain a licence you must meet a set of requirements, i.e. it is required that you are minimum 21 years old and are not indebted to the public sector. 

When you apply for a licence for a gambling arcade, the Danish Gambling Authority consults the police. You may also be contacted by the Danish Gambling Authority if we want to approve the premises. Accordingly, you may expect about five weeks for the application process.

It is a requirement that the Danish Gambling Authority has approved the manager of a gambling arcade. For approval as a manager you must use form no. 8-01.   

Form 6-01

Application for a licence to install and operate gaming machines

Form 8-01

Application as manager or staff

Form 8-01 GRL

Aqutsisutut aamma sulisutut qinnuteqarfissaq

How to apply for approval as a manager and areas of responsibility when approved as a manager.
NB. video only available in Danish

General technical requirements

These documents provide you with the requirements for the technical configuration.

XSD - Gaming machines

XSD forms for standard records, used for reporting of game data

Standard Record Validator Tool

Tool for validating XML files

When you have obtained a licence 

The gaming machines must be approved and sealed by an accredited test house and be connected to the control system at the Danish Gambling Authority. A list of accredited test houses is available further below. 
On the gaming premises, a set of rules for using the gaming machines must be displayed. 
You must pay a fee per gaming machine per year. Read more about when you must pay a fee  under Fees on gaming machines
Furthermore, you must pay a duty to the Danish Tax Agency, which depends e.g. on the gross gaming revenue (GGR). 
Individuals under 18 are not allowed in gambling arcades and may not play on gaming machines in restaurants. 


Form 6-02

Deregistration of gambling premises with gaming machines

You must submit an application to the Danish Gambling Authority if you want to make changes to e.g.: 

  • The number of gaming machines (form no. 6-01)
  • The arrangement of the gambling arcade (form no. 6-01)
  • The manager of the gambling arcade (form no. 8-01)

If you want to deregister one of your premises or your operating licence, you must use form no. 6-02. 

A list of licence holders is available further below. 


Registration and payment of gambling duty.

Your company must be registered at the Danish Business Authority before you begin operating gaming machines. Use registration form no. 29.037 . 

If you have any question regarding registration or payment of gambling duty, contact the Danish Tax Agency at tel. no. +45 72 22 18 18. 

Form 29.037

Registration - gaming machines

Fees on gaming machines 

You must pay a fee of DKK 723 per gaming machine per year (in 2024). The fee must be paid by the end of January either by using the Danish Tax Agency’s TestSelv Business or by submitting a fee statement.

The Danish Tax Agency TastSelv Business 

You must pay a fee in the following situations:

  • Inspection of new gaming machines that are installed for the first time 
  • Inspection of gaming machines as a result of a modification that causes changes of the image of the gaming machine (modified to another type of gaming machine e.g. “Magic Night” to “Allan Capone”). When the gaming machine is modified, it is considered new
  • Buyer/renter must pay a fee, in connection with a business transfer or rental of gaming machines to another licencee, although seller/owner previously has paid a fee for the entire calendar year


Form 29.053


For a gaming machine that is installed and used during a calendar year, and for gaming machines that change image, the licence holder must state and pay the fee by the end of the following month in form no. 20.053, which can be found on this page. 

Technical breakdown of gaming machines

Go to the form to report a technical breakdown of gaming machines.

Technical breakdown of gaming machines


Guides on gaming machinesAll versions of the guide are not valid. We refer you to the valid legal guide below.

The Danish Gambling Authority's legal guide

The legislation on all gambling categories

Technical requirements for gaming machines

Technical requirements for server supported gaming machines and gaming machines at land-based casinos. (Only available in Danish)

Reporting of data from gaming machines

Requirements for reporting of game data from server-supported gaming machines and gaming machines in land-based casinos. (Only available in Danish)

The Danish Gambling Authority's guide on responsible gambling
The Danish Gambling Authority's guide on duty of disclosure when marketing and advertising gambling
The Danish Gambling Authority’s premises guide for gambling arcades

Only available in Danish

Manager in a shop

This guide is aimed at managers in shops selling bets and lotteries. 

Manager in a gambling arcade

This guide is aimed at managers in gambling arcades. Gambling arcades are premises with gaming machines. 

Licence holder

This guide is aimed at licence holders who have obtained a licence to install and operate gaming machines in gambling arcades or restaurants.

Updates to gaming machine programmes

Laws and Executive Orders

See historical versions of the legislation

Notice: There may have been made later changes to the acts/executive orders. Please confer with the Danish legal text in order to ensure that you have the latest version of the acts. You are always welcome to contact the Danish Gambling Authority in case of doubt.

The English versions of the acts and executive orders are unofficial translations. In case of any discrepancy between the original Danish text and the English translations of the acts and executive orders, the Danish text shall prevail.

Consolidation Act No. 1303
Of 04 Sep 2020

The Danish Act on Gambling

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1290
Of 29 Nov 2019

On land-based casinos

Only available in Danish

Provision of land-based casino is covered by the rules on anti-money laundering. You can find more information and legislation on money laundering under Prevention of money laundering. 

Read more about prevention of money laundering

List of licence holders

The Danish Gambling Authority publishes a list of licence holders, which makes it easy to be up to date with the development of the market of gaming machines. 

The list includes gaming premises with a licence to operate gaming machines. 

The list can be presented in the following orders:

All four lists are updated on a daily basis.

In the lists, you can see how many gaming machines that the licence holder has a licence to operate. 

You can also get the list in an excel format, which contains data on the licencee, the premises, municipality and police districts.

List in excel format

List of accredited test houses

The Danish Gambling Authority has approved the following accredited test houses:

  • Force Technology
    Park Allé 345
    2605 Brøndby

  • Teknologisk Institut
    8000  Århus C

  • GLI Europe BV
    Satellietbaan 12
    2181 MH Hillegom

  • Quinel M Limited
    Luxe Pavilion Level 2
    Portomaso Complex
    SJ 1430 St Julians

  • SIQ Gaming Laboratories, Ltd.
    Masera-Spasiceva 10
    1000 Ljubljana

  • BMM Testlabs
    Edificio Vinson del Parque Empresarial Vallsolana
    Camí de Can Camps, 17-19
    08174 Sant Cugat del Vallés
Approval of test houses and testing form 1

Only available in Danish

The guideline for approval of test-houses is currently only available in Danish.