New information on "No thank you to gambling commercials" in ROFUS (licencees only)

21, Feb 2017

This information sums up comments from licencees regarding our “No thank you to gambling commercials”- service in ROFUS.

24-hour call

The service has been available since December 2016 and we are glad to see that some of you have already implemented the “No thank you to gambling commercials”- service in your systems.
Most of you have made the expression that a call in ROFUS earliest 24 hours before sending out marketing material, is the best solution. 
Therefore, based on an overall assessment on your feedback, we recommend that you make a call in ROFUS earliest 24 hours before sending out marketing material. If you are planning on or have already implemented an equal or a better solution in your systems, you are free to do so. This recommendation also applies for those of you who use an external distributor of your marketing material.
As previously mentioned, by marketing material we mean all personalized commercial communication. 
The reason for our recommendation is to make sure that you as a gambling provider use as correct a data set as possible. At the same time, we as The Danish Gambling Authority have the possibility to offer the users of ROFUS a better “No thank you to gambling commercials”- service. The more correct your data set is, the better a service we can offer in cooperation with you. 
As earlier mentioned, this service is a voluntary service that The Danish Gambling Authority puts at your disposal.
Please note that if you choose to use this service, you will become responsible for the data that you get from ROFUS. Therefore, you have to comply with the data protection rules that apply in your company seat. 
For good measure, we must inform you that we have tested the load of ROFUS and we do not expect any challenges regarding our calls in ROFUS. We will keep an eye on the development to meet any challenges that may arise.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please write to Legal Officer Kira Brianka on e-mail (link sends e-mail). If you have any technical related questions, please write to our technical department on e-mail